Restaurant Loyalty App

One Loyalty App. All Restaurants.

Still carrying multiple paper or plastic loyalty cards? Holding up the line trying to figure out a restaurant's loyalty system? With Gourmetmiles, there's no hardware to scan, holes to punch, or tablets to touch. Simply take your receipt then get out of line and out of the way. Scan your receipt whenever you're ready to upload your Gourmetmiles. Free yourself from loyalty limbo.

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Earn Cash Credit with Every Receipt.

Gourmetmiles rewards you cash credit based on how much you spend. Gone are the days of a free muffin after twelve punches. Every receipt shows cash value which can be scanned to accumulate Gourmetmiles and used same as cash. It's time you were rewarded like an adult.

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Own a Restaurant? Need Hardware-Free Loyalty? Get Gourmetmiles.

Wondering how to get Gourmetmiles for your Restaurant? Click below for a list of our integrated partners. No hardware or software needed. Gourmetmiles lets you send birthday texts by name, collect thousands of ratings & reviews, and begin rewarding your customers with every receipt.

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Earn cash credit with every receipt.

Every receipt shows a cash value earned.  Earn based on how much you spend. Gourmetmiles is a huge upgrade from the traditional paper punch cards which only reward you with a free muffin after twelve punches.  Use your digital Gourmetmiles vouchers the same as cash towards any food item in the restaurant.

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One loyalty app. All restaurants. 

Smartphone becoming cluttered with apps? Stop the madness and let restaurants know what you really want; a single loyalty solution that works EVERYWHERE. Tell your favorite sports bar, casual dining, drive-thru, and coffee spot you want a cardless loyalty solution that rewards you based on how much you spend. Tell them you want Gourmetmiles.

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No more loyalty cards.

It’s 2017 so there should be no more paper punch cards, right? You would think so, but there are still tons of restaurants using them to reward their customers. Loyalty cards (paper or plastic) are hard to keep track of, clutter wallets quickly, only work for a single restaurant, and seem to go missing when you need them most. Gourmetmiles frees you from loyalty limbo.

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Voice your feedback directly to restaurants with Gourmetmiles.

Ever been frustrated with a poor restaurant experience? Had an amazing experience that must be shared? Or just wanted a way to let management know about an outstanding server? Unlike third party apps and websites not associated with the restaurant, Gourmetmiles lets you voice your feedback directly to owners and managers. Restaurant management can view your feedback and associate it directly to your scanned receipt. Letting them know who served you and what you ordered. Plus you instantly earn Gourmetmiles after each scan.

How does Gourmetmiles work? Partner restaurants print QR Codes on their sales receipts, customer scans receipt to earn Gourmetmiles, and restaurants gain valuable customer feedback with every scanned receipt.

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"Own a Restaurant? Looking to Upgrade Your Loyalty Program?"

The dark ages of restaurant marketing are over. Gourmetmiles loyalty app sheds light on who your customers are, their ages, genders, zip codes, and personalized feedback about every experience at your restaurant.

You may have noticed (or may be guilty of) surveys on the bottom of restaurant receipts asking for customer information and feedback. If not, take a minute to read your receipt at lunch today. There’s a good possibility there’s a survey at the bottom promising a chance to earn a free dessert, soft drink, or even a sports car.

These surveys are rarely noticed and can take up to twenty minutes to complete. Most require customers to visit a website and enter a special code just to get started. Many customers who do complete these surveys often rush through (entering false information) to get to the promised reward. This results in an inaccurate picture of a restaurant’s customer base.

In addition to inaccurate information, restaurant owners have high costs associated with gaining quality customer data to include: analytical hardware/software, business intelligence analysts, market analysts, market surveyors, and all other costs associated with gaining market intelligence about restaurant customers & trends.

Gourmetmiles gives big data to small restaurants. Our restaurants don’t pay what big chains pay for customer data, feedback, and loyalty. They have no need for surveys or sweepstakes to gain quality customer data. They simply display how many Gourmetmiles a customer has just earned, and our software does the rest.

We believe your customers would much rather see a dollar value earned on their receipts than a five step survey that requires calling a hotline or visiting a survey website.

Gourmetmiles loyalty app collects general data about every customer one time at sign-up. That data is paired with your receipt each time a customer scans to upload Gourmetmiles. The customer then has the additional option to enter feedback about that particular receipt transaction (“Great service today”, or “My coffee was cold”).

And that’s it. You’ve just given your receipt an identity. Customer earns Gourmetmiles and you gain personalized feedback on every transaction. Now who’s hungry?